Video Tutorials Posted to YouTube

I am in the process of posting the free Your iWeb Alternative video tutorials to YouTube.  There are also a number of free RapidWeaver Classroom tutorials available on my YouTube channel as well.

If you haven’t already viewed these free videos, I encourage you to take some time to do so, as they demonstrate the powerful website creation tool that RapidWeaver can be.

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Welcome to Your iWeb Alternative

I am very excited to present this resource for iWeb users looking to transition to RapidWeaver.  First, I’d like to take a moment to introduce myself…

My name is Ryan Smith and I operate RapidWeaver Classroom, a website that provides video training on RapidWeaver, many of its add-ons and various other web design topics. I’m a former iWeb user myself, and switched to RapidWeaver in 2006.  I liked iWeb’s simplicity, but I eventually wanted more flexibility, and a more professional solution.  I tried a number of other apps, but most were too difficult to use, or too expensive — or both.

When I discovered RapidWeaver, it didn’t take long for me to realize that I’d found what I was looking for.  It was flexible, intuitive and very affordable.  Fast-forward 6 years later, and I am even more pleased with RapidWeaver now than I was then, and now I want everyone to know about it.

RapidWeaver is an excellent solution for upcoming web designers and small business owners who want to build and manage their own websites.  I created RapidWeaver Classroom to train those people to build great websites with RapidWeaver.  Now most anyone can learn to use RapidWeaver on their own, but I wanted to fast-track the process and offer my years of experience to help people build effective, successful websites.

Over the past years I have communicated with a lot of RapidWeaver users who switched from iWeb, and every one of them was very pleased with the transition.  RapidWeaver is not iWeb, and that’s a good thing, because if you are like me then you are looking for something better.  I hope this website, along with RapidWeaver Classroom, will be a helpful resource to you as you look to transition away from iWeb.


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