It's time to move on from iWeb. I'm a former iWeb user myself, and I'm here to help…

The Problem: Switching from iWeb

iWeb was the tool that made it possible for us to design our own websites. As a novice user, it was accessible, intuitive and affordable. It let us take the baby steps we needed to get into website design, and it produced nice results.

Today, iWeb is no longer being developed by Apple, and iCloud has replaced MobileMe. It's time to move on, but what alternative offers an "Apple-like" experience, ease-of-use, flexibility and produces professional results?

The Solution: RapidWeaver

RapidWeaver takes the usability of iWeb, adds flexibility and produces more professional results. Consider it a major upgrade to your web design toolbox, without the outrageous expense or massive learning curve.

If you are like me -- or other former iWeb users I've spoken with -- then you will wish you had made the transition sooner. This website will help you ease into that transition, starting with the video below.